Sunday 22nd February



Doors open 20min before each show

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2 pm - It's a Fair Cop (Work in progress)

Join former Humberside police sergeant-turned-comedian Alfie Moore for a hilarious, interactive ‘work in progress’ for his critically acclaimed BBC Radio 4 comedy series ‘IT’S A FAIR COP’. Whilst the tone is humorous the subjects tackled represent the real dilemmas faced by police officers.

It’d be a crime to miss it.

 “He’s terrific with a life audience” – DAILY MAIL

“Brilliantly funny…genuinely hilarious” – DAVID MITCHELL

TICKETS: £6 (see as many shows as you like)


3.20 pm - Juliet Meyers: Flavour of the Moth

Stand-up Juliet Meyers brings her new show to Leicester explores and explores the meaning of ‘alternative’ (You can have tattoos and piercings but if you are ‘vanilla’ on the inside, you are just Christmas socks), immigration, tribalism, Mumsnet and Bakewell tarts.

"Laugh-out loud show that resonates” ****Chortle

“Devilish jokes and social commentary" **** Scotsman

TICKETS: £6 (see as many shows as you like)


4.40 pm - Dan Mitchell: Plate Expectations
please note change of show This show was originally Caimh McDonnell
 dan mitchell dlcf
Food. It's been the most important part of our life since the first living blob took a fancy to a smaller blob and gobbled it up. It helped us work, rest, play and evolve. But do we have too much choice? Is that why are so dissatisfied when we only get iceberg lettuce and not rocket in our side salad? And what is the difference between a compote and jam? All these questions and more will be answered by Welshman dan Mitchell. There may be cake.
"Absolutely Brilliant"-Ross Noble
"Very funny stuff"-Eddie izzard
TICKETS: £6 (see as many shows as you like)
6 pm - Milo McCabe: Troy Hawke's Tales of the Turdine

Milo McCabe brings his creation Troy Hawke back for another outing after a successful Edinburgh 2014 fringe show. Expect cravats, pomade and 'perfectly worded jokes; (Broadway Baby) 

The New Current 'Every now and then a character comes along that just leaves you in wonder' *****

Edfringe Mag 'Masterclass in character comedy' ****

Broadway Baby 'Fabulous character...perfectly worded jokes'

TICKETS: £6 (see as many shows as you like)

7.20pm - Dave Twentyman Has Emotional Issues
dave-twentyman-r 'According to his therapist, Dave is an extrovert, an entertainer. He is affable with an over powering desire to please people. Traits that have served him well on the comedy circuit. There's also the side nobody gets to see...the introvert, reticent (He had to google what 'reticent' meant), hugely self critical with a brilliant ability to compartmentalise difficult issues. Dave's ready to open up. And be funny, it is a comedy festival after all'.

TICKETS: £6 (see as many shows as you like)

8.40 pm - George Egg
george-egg-r Like food? you'll like this. George Egg is a fanatical cook with an anarchic approach to making meals. Dissatisfied with the quality of takeaways and room-service while touring the stand-up comedy clubs of the UK, George embarks on a project to take matters into his own capable hands. An hour of absurd stand-up and striking innovation. On man. One hour. Three courses. (“Hugely entertaining” The Guardian).

TICKETS: £6 (see as many shows as you like)