Leicester Comedy Festival - SASKIA PRESTON

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Saskia Preston_0318_photo by steve ullathorne

A work in progress show from professional clothes-wearer Saskia Preston. In this blurb, Saskia will hint that she's a really cool and self aware model by saying 'professional clothes wearer' but really the only thing that's definitely true is that she's a French missionary married to Megan Merkel. This can't be discussed in the show for national security reasons but there will be jokes about Dads, Mums, friends, girlfriends, dogs and mice instead. Mostly one liners. And occasionally jokes that are longer than 30 seconds. As heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra, Writer for The News Quiz and The Now Show. 'Superb to watch' - London Is FunnyAs part of the Kayal All-Dayer.

Part of the Kayal all-dayer

VENUE: Kayal
VENUE ADDRESS: 153 Granby St, Leicester LE1 6FE
DATE: Sunday 10th February
TIME:.3.20pm (Doors open 3pm)
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